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Anti-Christian group pleased after coach who led prayer with students gets ˜talking to’

Steve Gunn, EagNews  DECATUR, Ind. – There are a lot of dangers for American teens in high schools these days, ranging from drugs, physical bullying and random violence, to the alarming number of teachers who use social media to sexually prey on students. Yet some groups, like the Freedom From Religion Foundation, spend countless staff

U admits conservative prof a victim of biased investigation ” wants to suspend him anyway

Steve Gunn,  MILWAUKEE – Marquette University’s Faculty Hearing Committee acknowledged that Professor John McAdams, an outspoken conservative who was suspended for criticizing another instructor, was improperly investigated by a potentially biased former colleague, and wrongfully disciplined to satisfy political pressure. But the committee failed to take action to address those injustices, or to protect

VIDEO: Adult protesters shout down student defending ˜Jesus Lunches’

Steve Gunn,  MIDDLETON, Wis. – The parents and students who gather on Tuesdays in a public park for “Jesus Lunches” have become targets of weekly harassment. Last week, officials from the Middleton-Cross Plains school district, led by Superintendent Donald Johnson, blocked off the parking lot at Fireman’s Park, where the parents and students meet, and tried