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Crashing the Inauguration: I hope the Secret Service have done their homework

Michael Reagan, By lunchtime Friday Donald Trump will be our president. The New York-L.A.-D.C. liberal media – America’s axis of evil? – are still in shock and may never recover. Their reporters and commentators did every unfair and unbalanced thing they could to do to help Hillary Clinton and stop Donald Trump – ridicule, sneers,

RACISM: CNN’s Marc Lamont Hill Calls Open-To-Trump Blacks ‘Mediocre Negroes’

Ben Shapiro, If there’s one thing Martin Luther King Jr. would have loved, it would have been a prominent black commentator calling another black commentator a “mediocre negro” for disagreeing about politics. So, in honor of MLK, Morehouse College professor and frequent television guest Marc Lamont Hill did just that. Hill said of Donald Trump

America in Transition: Race, Obama and Trump

Juan Williams, Eight years ago this week, I cried. I couldn’t hold back the tears as Barack Obama was inaugurated. It’s all on tape. I was on television doing political commentary for Fox News Channel. The emotional power of that historic moment was extraordinary. A web of thoughts encompassing everything from the Civil War to Martin Luther

Bombshell: Hillary Caught Using Child Actor at Staged Town Hall

Steve Watson | Infowars, Girl who asked question on ‘body image’ is daughter of democratic State Senator. Hillary Clinton has been caught in yet another staged fake town hall style question and answer exchange, this time with a child actor who was planted to ask Hillary a question about ‘body image’ and the way Donald

Hillary Clinton Hate Secrets Revealed

Infowars, Learn about Clinton’s personal vendettas that drive her decision making. The Washington Free Beacon revealed that Hillary Clinton gave a scripted interview on the Steve Harvey show related to Flint, Michigan water crisis victims. Questions over Hillary’s health still loom, as she appeared to shake on camera at a rally in Harrisburg. A whistleblower