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Kasich says hands tied as Cleveland police union seeks open-carry ban for convention

Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s office rebuffed a call Sunday from the Cleveland police union to ban the open carry of firearms during the Republican National Convention, in the wake of the deadly shooting of police officers in Baton Rouge. FOX 8 reported earlier that Steve Loomis, president of the Cleveland Police Patrolmen’s Association, is asking

Cleveland Police Union Head on Baton Rouge: Obama Has ╦ťBlood on His Hands’

Following the Baton Rouge police shooting Sunday that killed three officers and injured at least three others, Fox News invited Cleveland Detective Steve Loomis to discuss the situation as the story continued to unfold.  Loomis, who is also president of the Cleveland Police Patrolmen’s Association, didn’t hold back from assigning blame during his interview with

North Carolina police department pulls out of Republican National Convention

A North Carolina police department backed out of sending 50 police officers to the Republican presidential convention in Cleveland in June over concerns about whether the city is prepared to host an event that is expected to bring at least 50,000 visitors to northeast Ohio. Greensboro police made the decision earlier this week to pull