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Reagan was great, but it’s now Trump’s turn to #MAGA

Steve Moore, Has Ronald Reagan passed the Republican Party baton to Donald Trump? When I suggested as much a few days ago, critics objected that I was blaspheming the Gipper. They said his ideas of limited government, individual freedom, lower taxes and peace through strength will live on forever. Amen to that. Yes, Reagan’s ideals

Democrats’ other scandal: What did the president know about ObamaCare and when?

Steve Moore,   Hillary Clinton’s cascading email scandal has overshadowed the other bombshell from last week: ObamaCare’s exploding premiums.  Were these honest mistakes or was there a health care coverup here as well? It may be time to ask: What did the president know and when did he know it? Everyone now sees and feels

Democrats Ignore Economy: That’s a Huge Opportunity for Donald Trump and Republicans

James P. Pinkerton, Economic growth: What a great idea!  Now, if only we could get the Democrats to agree that growth is a good idea, and if only we could get the Republicans to be more persuasive in making the case for growth. The Democrats don’t want to talk about the almost-stalled economy; they would

Trump stars and spars with Republican lawmakers

Donald Trump endured some blunt exchanges when he met Republican members of Congress on Thursday but several lawmakers, including past critics, emerged with encouraging words about their presumptive White House nominee. Republican aides cited good attendance from both houses of Congress at the two closed-door meetings, even though some lawmakers made a point of staying