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Dems Relevance Now Nonexistent, Aging party lacks clout and influence

The Democrats’ relevance has become “nonexistent” since the election, says intelligence insider Dr. Steve Pieczenik. “They literally have no recourse to anything,” Pieczenik said on The Alex Jones Show Tuesday. “The entire DNC is nonexistent.” The Democrat Party has been rapidly losing their grip on mainstream media, evidenced by outlets such as The New York Times

Pieczenik: Clintons Behind Deaths of 10,000 Haitians

Jamie White | Infowars, Bill and Hillary also scammed country out of charity money. Bill and Hillary Clinton are directly responsible for the deaths of 10,000 Haitians as a result of their Foundation’s incompetence and corruption in the aftermath of the earthquake that struck Haiti in 2010, says Dr. Steve Pieczenik. “It was negligence,” said