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Batty Democrat Says Trump Is ‘Racist’ For Wanting Immigration Laws Enforced

Steve Watson | Infowars, Waters says Trump is ‘dog whistling’ to bigots. Democrat moon-bat Maxine Waters was paraded out on MSNBC programming yet again Sunday, where she outright called the President a ‘racist’ and again suggested that there is evidence of collusion with Russia, which could lead to impeachment. Appearing on MSNBC’s “AM Joy,” Waters

CNN: Rice Unmasking Story Is ‘Fake News’

Steve Watson | Infowars, White House Slams Media Over ‘Lack Of Interest’ White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer took the media to task Monday for not reporting extensively on the revelations that Obama administration national security advisor Susan Rice worked to unmask the identities of Trump campaign aides in communications obtained by ‘wiretapping’. “I’m somewhat

Rand Paul: Trump Intel Leakers ‘Should Go To Jail’

Steve Watson | Infowars, “Whoever leaked it should be prosecuted” Kentucky Senator Rand Paul said Wednesday that those responsible for leaking intelligence pertaining to Donald Trump, whether fake or not, should be prosecuted and jailed. “What I would say is that if there is private information that someone is blackmailing a public figure and the

“What should we replace Obamacare with? Perhaps we should try freedom”

Steve Watson | Infowars, Rand Paul: Obamacare Must Be Repealed AND Replaced At The Same Time. Kentucky Senator Rand Paul has warned that the Affordable Health Care Act must be replaced immediately, otherwise Republicans will be blamed for a continuing and worsening mess as Obamacare further unravels. Writing for  Rare, Paul urged that it would be

Trump White House Chief: “We’re Not Interested In Going To War All Over The World”

Steve Watson | Infowars, Putin: Obama has sunk to ‘kitchen diplomacy’. As the Obama administration is spending its last hours in power doing its best to provoke Russia and Israel, the incoming White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus assured Americans that President Trump is only interested in “having relationships” with other nations, rather than

Even MSNBC pundits call Clinton a sore loser: Audio of Bitter Hillary Whining

Steve Watson | Infowars, Bitter Hillary Blames FBI, Putin For Election Loss. Audio has emerged of a bitter Hillary Clinton telling campaign donors that the FBI and Russian leader Vladimir Putin cost her the election. The audio comes from a private party with campaign contributors in New York City last week, presumably that Hillary had

Trump: I wouldn’t Have To Tweet So Much If Media Wasn’t Biased #RealNews

Steve Watson | Infowars, President-elect hits back at detractors who complain he uses Twitter too much. President-elect Donald Trump hit back at “journalists” who have repeatedly complained he uses Twitter too much… by tweeting that he wouldn’t have to do so if they did their jobs properly. In a perfect trolling of the trolls Trump

Obama Pushes Censorship with ‘Fake News’ Talking Point; It’s A ‘Threat To Democracy’

Steve Watson | Infowars, “It’s packaged very well, and it looks the same.” As Democrats and Hillary Clinton supporters come to terms with a Donald Trump administration, the ‘fake news won him the election’ talking point was pushed to new heights as the outgoing president suggested ‘fake’ media websites are undermining the political process.  “If we are

Trump Campaign Manager: Democrats Need To Tell ‘Paid,’ Violent Protesters to STOP

Steve Watson | Infowars, “I hope President Obama calls Harry M. Reid today and says, ‘Cut it out.’” Amidst a fifth night of unrest and ‘protest’ surrounding the election result, President-elect Donald Trump’s former campaign manager, and possible press secretary Kellyanne Conway has called upon the incumbent president and other leading Democrats to tell agitators

Trump on Comey Decision: “You can’t review 650,000 emails in eight days.”

Steve Watson | Infowars, GOP nominee Donald Trump declared Sunday that Hillary Clinton is being ‘protected by a rigged system’ as it was announced by FBI Director James Comey that the bureau is discontinuing its investigation into her home email server for a second time. “Right now she is being protected by a rigged system.

Trump Slams Obama, Says Hillary “Got Away With Murder”

Steve Watson | Infowars, “If she were to win, it would create an unprecedented constitutional crisis that would cripple the operations of our government” During a rally in the key state of North Carolina Thursday, GOP nominee Donald Trump slammed president Obama as the “campaigner in chief,” labeling him as “stupid’. “We are led by stupid