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Easy loans a source of college problems

Steven Greenhut  Whenever educational issues are debated in the state Capitol, legislators operate from an unchallenged assumption: more government aid will lead to better opportunities for students. But the plight of a well-known Santa Ana-based private college system shows the reverse may often be true. Corinthian Colleges, a for-profit company that owns Heald College and

Will Mount Reagan bring GOP back to past heights?

Steven Greenhut  Some Republican political consultants last Thursday laughingly asked why I wasn’t listening to the California GOP gubernatorial debate that pitted Assemblyman Tim Donnelly against former U.S. Treasury official Neel Kashkari. They were chuckling because one of the two men will earn the “privilege” of losing to Jerry Brown by 40 points or so. Donnelly is

Affordable Care Act: Ballot measure could ˜uncover’ California

Steven Greenhut Supporters of the Affordable Care Act, a.k.a. ObamaCare, have been fending off challenges from the Right — from Republicans opposed to deeper government intrusion in the health-care market. But in California, the biggest threat to the program’s implementation now is coming from the Left. An initiative that has qualified for the November 2014

Milk debate touches raw nerve in Capitol

Steven Greenhut  SACRAMENTO — While driving through the Mojave Desert a few years ago, I stopped at a small restaurant and had a meal that included raw oysters. Driving home, I worried about the wisdom of that decision given that desolate desert regions aren’t the best-known places for fresh oysters. Nothing bad ensued, but it reminded

California puts union patronage above public service

 On July 2, 1881, a disgruntled federal job seeker named Charles Guiteau shot James Garfield as he waited at a Washington, D.C., train station – eventually killing the 20th president and triggering reforms that still influence the way government operates. Before the assassination, Congress debated the need for a civil service. When new presidents came into power, they

California Senate can’t break a bad pattern

Steven Greenhut The only mild complaint against the critically acclaimed TV series “Breaking Bad” is that the premise is a stretch. It’s hard to imagine a straight-laced high-school chemistry teacher, after being diagnosed with lung cancer and struggling with money problems, becoming a kingpin in the crystal-meth underworld. The 137-page affidavit in the federal corruption case just unveiled against

California GOP is rebuilding, but to what end?

Steven Greenhut BURLINGAME, Calif. — Something happened between the time I cast my first votes for Democrats Jimmy Carter for president and Marion Barry for mayor of Washington, D.C., and four years later when I voted for Ronald Reagan and other Republicans. (And, no, I’m not referring to Barry being arrested for smoking crack cocaine, which took place