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America We Must Stop Hillary

Kurt Schlichter,  I was not happy to vote for Donald Trump, but Hillary Clinton must be stopped. She and her coterie of soft-handed, Chardonnay-sipping fascists are, in equal parts, malignant and stupid, and many of us believe her hate-fueled pogrom against normal Americans will stand a significant chance of leading to real civil conflict. I’ve

Stop Hillary PAC Spends $1 Million in Swing States to Remind Voters About Benghazi

Cortney O’Brien, The Stop Hillary PAC wants to make sure that swing state voters don’t forget that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton failed to lead during the 2012 terror raid in Benghazi, Libya. So, they are re-airing an ad from last year that highlights her inaction. “Now we know why Hillary deleted her emails.

Trump Can Win This Election At The Debate – And He Better

Kurt Schlichter,  Hi Donald. I hope you’re taking this debate seriously because it’s pretty important. It’s important to you because I can’t even imagine your personal humiliation if that tired, wheezy, old half-wit the Democrats will be rolling out on stage in a Hannibal Lector dolly beats you. It’d be like losing the tango competition

Time for Ted Cruz, John Kasich to Get Behind Donald Trump to Stop Hillary Clinton

Alex Swoyer, Breitbart  GOP frontrunner Donald Trump’s campaign manager Corey Lewandowski joined Breitbart News Saturday on SiriusXM with guest host Washington Political Editor Matthew Boyle and called for Ted Cruz and Ohio Gov. John Kasich to unite behind Trump. “After Tuesday night, Ted Cruz, like John Kasich, is now mathematically eliminated from securing enough delegates