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CBO Score, Patients Losing Insurance and Other Myths of This Healthcare Debate

Hal Scherz, There are problems with the debate over healthcare and “reforming” it. The first is that the Progressive Left has defined the terms under which we discuss healthcare. The second is that the GOP is terrible at messaging their solutions. Examine the CBO claim that 24 million people will lose health insurance coverage under

Mike Adams: Butter Sticks

A conservative professor decrying the corrosive effects of political correctness on the larger society wrote a recent Letter to the Editor in our local paper. In the letter, the professor compared young people to butter sticks who melt at the slightest rise in temperature. The professor’s brief letter suggested that parents are raising their kids

For Hillary Clinton, “Stronger Together” Is Just Empty Words

Congressman Diane Black, It’s good to be Hillary Clinton. She has a long roster of Hollywood endorsements, a media that lets her campaign edit its own coverage, State Department personnel that still do her bidding to get her out of a pinch, and what a slogan: “Stronger Together.” In a populace as divided as ours

Despicable Words Versus Letting Four Men Die in Benghazi

John P. Warren, If it’s President Hillary despondency will set in for The Deplorables. I said, “If.” But Deplorables, thinking Indies, striving Latinos and African-Americans, and achieving Asians may yet avert the abyss to appear should Hillary Clinton be elected President of the United States. Despicable though many words of Trump can be, they are

Another Deadly Opioid Overwhelms First Responders And Crime Labs in Ohio

Jamie Landrum has been a police officer for two years in District 3 on the west side of the Cincinnati. In late August, the city was hit by 174 overdoses in six days. Landrum says officers were scarce. “We were literally going from one heroin overdose, and then being on that one, and hearing someone

Donald Trump polling stronger with evangelicals than Mitt Romney four years ago

Donald Trump does not speak often about his Christian faith, but it’s not a problem for many evangelical voters. A new poll released Wednesday by the Pew Research Center shows that 78 percent of white evangelical voters would vote for Trump if the election were held today. That’s higher than the 73 percent of evangelicals

Leftist Groupthink in Academia

Jack Kerwick, The Chronicle of Higher Education recently featured an article lamenting the lack of “diversity” in my discipline. Philosophy, so goes the article, just hasn’t been welcoming toward minorities and women. Thankfully, such enlightened departments as that found at Penn State University have endeavored to “decolonize the canon.” Of course, academia isn’t in the

Mississippi is the most Corrupt state, says a new study

Light from the Right – by Bob Adelmann  Based on the number of convictions for violating federal corruption laws, Mississippi – a state with just 3 million citizens – ranks at the very top of the list of all states, according to a recent study. Two college professors published their report in the May/June issue of Public Administration Review.

9 quotes from Obama’s œRemarks on the End of the War in Iraq show his total lack of foresight

Mary Katharine Ham,  I had occasion to rewatch this speech today before I went on “The O’Reilly Factor.” Given Dec. 14, 2011 at Fort Bragg in North Carolina, its contents are gut-wrenching. 1. This one, in which Obama concedes that you’d take post-surge 2011 Iraq over pretty much any other major country in the Middle

Criminals Commit Suicide by Citizen – Rights of self-defense to save one’s life

AmmoLand – by Rob Morse  Southern California –-(  It used to be called suicide by cop.  That is when some insane guy points a toy gun at a police officer fully expecting that the officer will kill him.   It is a tragic situation at best.  It is made worse when the next of kin complains