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My Fellow-Americans, We Must Not Let the Race-Baiters Divide Us

Michael Brown, We are at a critical juncture in American history. This past July, a Rasmussen poll indicated that, “For the first time in his presidency, a majority of Americans believe race relations have gotten worse under President Obama.” That was five long months ago, and today, racial tensions are even higher in the aftermath

Islamist Effort to “Hijab” Women Runs Into Cultural Appropriation Problem

Daniel Greenfield, Another snapshot of the complete insanity of the left. Islamists routinely attempt to impose the Hijab on all women. While in Iran and Saudi Arabia, under full Muslim rule, this is done simply through compulsion, in the West they do this in manipulative ways including “educational” pretexts and by playing victim. And so

Berkeley protesters demand ‘spaces of color,’ harass white students trying to pass

Left-wing students at the University of California, Berkeley are protesting again. This time, however, these students are calling for “safe spaces” for transgendered people, as well as “spaces of color” at the University (which they already have). The protesters are also harassing white students trying to study, barring their path across a key bridge while allowing students of color safe passage.

DePaul’s College Republican Chapter Accused of Committing A Hate Crime Over Trump-like Chalkings

Matt Vespa, Well, the chalkings that have been popping up across college campuses, mostly drawn to show support for Donald Trump, has reached a new level of idiocy: they’re hate crimes. No, seriously, at DePaul University, the Black Student Union accused the school’s College Republican chapter of a “hate crime” after a chalking event was

Trump Chalking By College Republicans Is A ˜Hate Crime,’ Black Students Claim

Peter Maxwell | The College Fix Chalking threatens our tax-exempt status, DePaul warns. Chalk messages triggered not just students but faculty and staff at the nation’s largest Catholic university. DePaul University’s Black Student Union accused its College Republicans (CRs) of a hate crime because they organized the April 4 chalking outside the Student Center, with