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Recent Attacks in Saudi Arabia bear hallmarks of Islamic State: CIA head

CIA director John Brennan said on Wednesday recent attacks in Saudi Arabia bore the hallmarks of Islamic State, and that the militant group was a very serious threat to the kingdom. Suicide bombers struck three cities across Saudi Arabia earlier this month, killing at least four security officers in an apparently coordinated campaign of attacks

U.N. investigators warn of wider sectarian war across Iraq, Syria

 The Middle East appears on the brink of wider sectarian war engulfing Iraq and Syria with radical Islamist insurgents wantonly kidnapping, torturing and killing civilians, U.N. human rights investigators said in a report on Tuesday. Militants of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL)group have routed Baghdad’s army and seized the north of

Retail gasoline prices in the U.S. climbed for the third time in four weeks

Boosted by the crisis in Iraq that sent oil futures surging.  The pump price averaged $3.686 a gallon today, up 1.2 cents from a week earlier, data posted on the Energy Information Administration’s website show. Oil, which accounts for two-thirds of the retail price of gasoline, gained $2.49 a barrel on the New York Mercantile

In Damascus, Christians briefly ignore war for Easter

 The sound of battles echoes from the outskirts of the capital as Christians in Damascus celebrated the Easter weekend, briefly ignoring the conflict for the yearly ritual. At the gates of Saint George Syrian Orthodox Church – just a few minutes walk from a school where a mortar attack killed several children and injured dozens