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Conservatives Should Stop Celebrating Gorsuch and Start Limiting the Supreme Court

Mark Meckler, With the Republicans showing some spine and elevating Judge Neil McGill Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, there is reason to celebrate.  Antonin Scalia’s seat has been filled by someone who may be able to do it justice, if you’ll allow the pun.  Really, only time will tell, since we’ve been burned before. Conservatives have a

Neil Gorsuch and the Senate’s convoluted Supreme Court confirmation dance

Erin Hawley, Monday, the American people will meet our probable next Supreme Court Justice, Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals Judge, Neil Gorsuch. There is no question that Judge Gorsuch is exceptionally qualified. His background and character are unimpeachable. The non-partisan American Bar Association has given him its highest possible rating. Even the Senator leading the

Trump’s Supreme Court Pick a Champion of Small Government

 Brittany De Lea, President Donald Trump announced Tuesday night that Judge Neil Gorsuch is his pick to assume the ninth seat on the U.S. Supreme Court. With a record demonstrating a strong commitment to traditional Republican values, Gorsuch was appointed to the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals by President George W. Bush. At 49 years old, Gorsuch would be

You can judge the caliber of Trump’s Supreme Court nominee by how angry the Dems get

John R. Lott, Here is a simple rule of thumb: you can judge the caliber of President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee by how angry the Democrats get.  The smarter and more influential the nominee, in an important sense the more qualified they are, the angrier Democrats will get.  Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) has said that

Biden: Democrats Should Give Whoever Trump Nominates For SCOTUS A Vote

Matt Vespa,  Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer vowed to fight any Supreme Court nominee President-elect Trump selects who isn’t mainstream. In other words, if they’re not liberal, prepare for battle. As Democrats rally around this position, which I’m sure made their progressive base happy, outgoing Vice President Joe Biden told PBS’ Judy Woodruff last week that

Thomas Sowell: Where Are We?

Thomas Sowell,  We are now in a kind of political no-man’s-land between an administration on its way out and a new administration taking shape. Predictions are always risky — and nowhere more so than in times like these. What we can do, however, is assess where we are, and what some of the opportunities and

Black History Museum Discriminates Against Clarence Thomas

Crystal Wright,  Why does America’s second black Supreme Court justice not deserve an exhibit? America’s new black history museum apparently likes to discriminate against black conservatives. There is no exhibit in the museum dedicated to Clarence Thomas, America’s second black Supreme Court Justice and first Republican black justice. “The National Museum of African American History

Trump on Government Reform

Q: Your proposed tax cut would add $10 trillion to the nation’s debt. You insist that you could make up for a good deal of that by cutting waste, fraud, & abuse. TRUMP: Correct. Q: Like what? And please be specific. TRUMP: Department of Education. We’re getting rid of Common Core. Department of Environmental Protection.