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Anti-Trump Riots Sparks War Over Liberalism

As more anti-Trump riots dominate the 2016 political landscape, members of the moderate left are worried that the protests are making the New York billionaire and his supporters much more sympathetic and may help propel Donald Trump to victory in November. Jonathan Chait writes at New York Magazine: As the Bernie Sanders campaign winds down toward its

Paul Ryan: George Clooney asked me to support Hillary Clinton

House Speaker Paul Ryan isn’t a fan of George Clooney’s emails. Ryan claims he received an email from Clooney asking to pony up $33,400 for a ticket to a Hillary Clinton fundraiser. According to the New York Post’s Page Six, Ryan wrote about Clooney in a message to his supporters. “Hillary Clinton is riding a

Susan Sarandon prefers Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton

Susan Sarandon might find herself voting for Donald Trump if Hillary Clinton is the Democratic nominee. The actress revealed on Monday that Trump might be a better choice than Clinton because “some people feel Donald Trump will bring the revolution immediately.” The outspoken Bernie Sanders supporter said she feels Clinton is “not on the right