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Analysis: Dear Left-Wing Protesters, Please Keep “Helping”

Guy Benson, This is what democracy overplaying your hand looks like.  Granted, President Trump’s approval rating isn’t in great shape, in part because millions of Americans are so horrified at his electoral victory that they’re committed to endless “resistance.”  And many of his early actions have been controversial (although not nearly as controversial as liberals and the media believe

U.S. top court may curb presidential appointment powers

Supreme Court justices, hearing a dispute over presidential powers a day before the U.S. election, indicated on Monday they might curb a president’s authority to staff top administration posts in a case involving the National Labor Relations Board. The eight justices heard an hour-long argument in a 2014 legal challenge brought by Arizona-based private ambulance

Supreme Court to tackle religious freedom, election rules in new term

The Supreme Court, while holding back on dealing with some of the country’s most controversial issues amid the vacancy on the bench, is still scheduled to tackle some key cases in its new term that starts Monday. Almost 40 appeals are currently on the docket. About three-dozen more are expected to be added in coming

╦ťHillary For Prison’ Banner to Fly Above Clinton Speech at Florida International University

Infowars, Help refuel the flight against Crooked Hillary and the globalists. Infowars’ “Hillary for Prison 2016” banner will take to the skies this weekend flying over a Hillary Clinton speaking event at a Florida college. The Infowars team and are once again teaming up to display the eye-catching aerial banner Saturday, July 23 at