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Saudi Arabia is playing chicken with its oil

 In August 1973, Egyptian President Anwar Sadat paid a secret visit to the Saudi capital, Riyadh, to meet with King Faisal. Sadat was preparing for war with Israel, and he needed Saudi Arabia to use its most powerful weapon: oil. Until then, King Faisal had been reluctant for the Arab members of OPEC to use […] Read More →

Saudi Arabia Arrests 135 Terrorism Suspects in Nationwide Sweep

 Saudi Arabia arrested 135 terrorism suspects in nationwide raids as the world’s largest oil exporter pressed a crackdown on militants spurred by Islamic State’s advance across Syria and Iraq. Twenty-six foreigners, most of them Syrians, were among those detained in the sweep, which targeted extremists plotting attacks both inside and outside the kingdom, Saudi Arabia’s […] Read More →

Israel strikes near the Syrian capital: Syrian TV

 Syrian state television said on Sunday that Israeli jets had bombed areas near Damascus international airport and in the town of Dimas, near the border with Lebanon. An Israeli army spokesman said he would not comment on the “foreign reports”. Israel has struck Syria several times since the start of the three-year conflict, mostly destroying […] Read More →

Complex mix of Tactics and Politics, US flies 85 percent of airstrikes against Islamic State

 The United States is conducting roughly 85 percent of the multi-national air strikes against Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, according to the most recent Pentagon report.   U.S. fighter planes and drones have conducted 819 strikes, compared to 157 from the 10 other countries, states the detailed report obtained last week by The […] Read More →

Obama to Assad: Stop Bombing ISIS and Let Us Bomb Civilians

Activist Post – by Brandon Turbeville  Fresh on the heels of American airstrikes in Raqqa, Syria that devastated Syrian infrastructure and killed a number of innocent civilians, the United States has publicly condemned airstrikes by the Syrian military in the same location targeting ISIS militants. Indeed, on November 26, a new report from the United Nations addressed […] Read More →

Pope condemns ‘barbaric violence’ of Islamic State

 Pope Francis said on Friday fighting hunger and poverty, rather than military intervention alone, were key to stopping Islamist militants carrying out “barbaric violence” in Syria and Iraq. In a speech to Turkey’s top cleric, Francis said “an extremist and fundamentalist group” had subjected entire communities in Turkey’s southern neighbors to “barbaric violence simply because […] Read More →