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Hillary’s ‘Woman Card’ Doesn’t Make a Winning Hand

Rachel Marsden, There’s a right way and a wrong way to play the “woman card,” and Hillary Clinton has recently played it both ways. “The only card she has to play is the woman’s card,” Republican front-runner Donald Trump said of Clinton last week. “If she were not a woman, she wouldn’t even be in

New Benghazi Documents Indicate Rice Misled Nation When Claiming Spontaneous Protests

Aaron Klein, Breitbart JERUSALEM – Lost in much of the news media coverage of Judicial Watch’s most recent Benghazi document disclosures is that the new materials lend weight to the argument that UN Ambassador Susan Rice deliberately misled the nation about the September 11, 2012 attacks. On September 16, 2012, Rice infamously appeared on five morning

Donald Trump Keeps Up the Bluster Despite Campaign’s Evolution #TrumpTrain

Donald Trump still has some “evolving” to do. The Republican presidential front-runner returned to his characteristic bluster on the stump in Connecticut on Saturday, despite an aide’s promise this week of a more sober candidate ahead of the general election. “Being presidential is easy,” Trump said at a rally in Bridgeport, before embarking on a

NYC Fire District Releases Statement About Donald TrumpĀ¦ Media Stunned

When Donald Trump spoke earlier this week in Buffalo, media critics lambasted him for allegedly confusing “9/11” with “7/11.” However, a theory emerged as to why Trump didn’t misspeak, one that the media refuses to acknowledge. The controversy all began Monday, as Trump was speaking before a crowd in Buffalo on the day before the New

Manafort’s Vows: The 10 Ways He Reassured Republican Leaders

Many pledges and assurances were made behind closed doors Thursday when Donald Trump’s convention manager gathered with RNC leaders from around the country. Many pledges and assurances were made behind closed doors Thursday when Donald Trump’s convention manager Paul Manafort gathered with top GOP leaders from around the country. Reporters weren’t allowed inside the meeting with GOP national committee

Trump to Hone Image, Raise Funds for Republican Candidates, Adviser Says

The front-runner dispatched Paul Manafort to the party’s final meeting ahead of the Republican convention. Outsider candidate Donald Trump sent emissaries to soothe tensions with GOP’s pre-eminent insiders Thursday, and tried to convince them that his bombastic demeanor is merely stagecraft, that his high negatives in the polls can be overcome, and that, if he