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Liberal loathing of Trump has entered the realm of lethal fantasies

Tammy Bruce, Almost six out of 10 American voters are angry and dissatisfied with how the media is covering politics, according to a new Quinnipiac poll. Someone has finally united us, and it’s through rejection of the 24/7 media (read liberal) hate-fest of President Trump. That’s a good sign for the country, but not so much

America’s expanding police state – The notion of privacy is all but dead and gone

Tammy Bruce | The Washington Times  With so much happening internationally and the number of scandals, crises and general screw-ups of the Obama administration here at home, it’s worth noting a disturbing development here on the domestic front: a rapidly expanding police state. On my radio program last week I had the pleasure of speaking

5 Truths You’re Not Allowed To Say About Gays In America

John Hawkins  It’s hard to have an honest conversation about gay issues because liberals treat anything other than outright celebration of all things gay as “hate.” That doesn’t leave people much room to discuss a complicated issue that involves real human beings who often have to deal with a lot of challenges because of their