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FPI: Make Families Great Again? Data Is the Key

Wendy Warcholik, Editor’s note: This column was co-authored by J. Scott Moody, M.A. President Donald Trump was elected on a promise to “Make America Great Again.” An improvement in the well-being of families will be an important measuring stick with which to gauge his success. So, politicians in states like West Virginia, New Mexico, and

Trump Doubles Down on Promise to Give Americans a Tax Break

President Trump on Monday reiterated his promise to slash the tax rate for individuals, and for American businesses: “We are going to be cutting taxes massively for both the middle class and for companies,” he said from his chair in the Roosevelt Room at the White House. Trump’s tax plan involves collapsing the current seven-tier bracket

Trump, House Republicans may butt heads on tax plan

President-elect Donald Trump said Friday that one of the key parts of the House Republicans’ corporate-tax plan that would tax imports and exempt exports was “too complicated.” “Anytime I hear border adjustment, I don’t love it,” he told The Wall Street Journal. “Because usually it means we’re going to get adjusted into a bad deal.

Democrats Plotting ‘Collision Course’ With Trump’s Tax Plan

Congressional Democrats say they’ll try to thwart Republican plans to overhaul the U.S. tax code by portraying them as a boon for the rich that betrays President-elect Donald Trump’s campaign promise to fight for working Americans. “There’s going to be opposition if these tax cuts are directed to the people at the top again,” said

Clinton Plan: $1.4 Trillion Tax Increase Over The Next Decade, Over 600,000 Jobs Lost

Matt Vespa,  Last December, Hillary Clinton told the New Hampshire’s Concord Monitor that her economic agenda would cost us $1 trillion over the next ten years. Katie added that $1 trillion in tax increases would probably be needed as well. Well, that $1 trillion tax increase figure has mostly stayed the same, but we’re also

Hillary Clinton’s Tax Plan Would Increase Taxes by $1.4 Trillion Over the Next Decade

Ali Meyer, Plan would lower GDP by 2.6 percent, lower wages, and eliminate 697,000 jobs. Hillary Clinton’s tax proposals would increase taxes by $1.4 trillion over the next decade and would reduce the growth of the economy by 2.6 percent, according to an analysis from the Tax Foundation. Since January when the Tax Foundation first


Trump To Clinton:“I’m Going To Cut Regulations. I’m Going To Cut Taxes Big League, And You’re Going To Raise Taxes Big League, End Of Story.” Transcript: TRUMP: “You are going to approve one of the biggest tax cuts in history. You are going to approve one of the biggest tax increases in history. You are

Clinton’s Tax Agenda Promises To Harm The U.S. Economy

JOHN H. SUNUNU ENDORSES DONALD J. TRUMP Former New Hampshire Governor, Chief of Staff To President George H.W. Bush Backs Trump-Pence Ticket “Donald Trump is the only candidate in this race who can bring bold change to Washington D.C. I support the Trump-Pence ticket for their pro-growth agenda and commitment to protecting American interests. Republicans,

Trump Advisers Detail How Economic Plan Would Boost Revenue

Donald Trump’s economic team offered more math behind his assertion that his tax cuts will mostly pay for themselves, saying trade policy would generate most of the additional wages and corporate profits that feed government revenue. The Republican presidential nominee’s economic-policy proposals will generate $2.37 trillion in tax receipts over 10 years, according to a

Tax Foundation: Trump Plan Cuts Taxes, Grows Wages For Americans

While “Donald Trump’s plan is a tax cut for all income groups” that would “increase incomes substantially across the board,” Hillary Clinton’s proposal “could reduce incomes modestly, even for middle-class Americans…” “The Tax Foundation confirms what the American people already know: Donald Trump will cut taxes for all Americans, revitalize our economy and create thousands

Hillary Clinton wants roughly $550 billion in new taxes #Vote4Trump

Hillary Clinton wants roughly $550 billion in new taxes and fees over the next decade — affecting investment partnerships, large estates and banks — that have received little to no public discussion from her campaign, a report from a Washington-based policy group shows. The new proposals, detailed in a report by the nonpartisan Committee for

Less Costly ˜Trump 2.0′ Tax Plan Urged by Reagan-Era Economists

Donald Trump has said his main tax-policy goal is a cut for the middle class, yet his guest list for a series of policy presentations at Trump Tower included a Reagan-era economist who has suggested revamping that plan. Lobbyists and business leaders, including oil billionaire and Trump ally Harold Hamm, gathered June 9 at the