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Tax Reform

DNC, Special Counsel, FBI, Clinton Foundation – and Tax Reform?

Dan Celia, The Russian political backfire is being heard around the world—well, maybe only in Washington, D.C. Yet, despite the latest Clinton Foundation news and the corruption within the Clinton Campaign, the Left is still trying to paint tax reform as a benefit to only the rich. It’s becoming more apparent that I’ve been right

Of Baseball Bats and Tax Reform

Bill Murchison, The coming fight over tax reform highlights distinct and seemingly irreconcilable views of government. We might want to reflect on them, as the major players ready the armament: brass knuckles, baseball bats, Fox News and New York Times commentaries. The two warring views: 1. Government knows more than you do. 2. On many

Mike Lee: Tax Reform Is Key For Creating A Principled Populist Agenda

Matt Vespa, The 2016 election is over. Donald J. Trump is now president. Yet, he’s not a conservative Republican.The man is a right-leaning populist. He’s open to government-funded childcare, he wants a health care program that covers everyone, he’s not a free trade advocate, and he’s not afraid of infrastructure spending. Conservative commentator Hugh Hewitt

Want to understand Trump? It’s as simple as ‘The Art of the Deal’ for dummies

Bradley A. Blakeman, People are constantly asking me – “What makes the president tick?” I reply – “The answer to your question is right under your nose. Read the ‘Art of the Deal.’” If people who are struggling to understand Donald J. Trump just took the time to do their due diligence, they would realize

Fired-up conservatives pressure GOP leaders to deliver on tax reform

Three weeks have come and gone in Republican-controlled Washington without action on tax reform — and some conservative voices are amping up the pressure on the White House and congressional leaders to deliver on a key campaign promise.  Matt Drudge sounded the siren earlier this week when he tweeted that “[the] Republican party should be

The ‘Border Adjustment Tax’: Great Tax Reform – That Gets Us Great Trade Reform

Seton Motley, Our nation’s tax code is a nightmare mess of thorny brambles.  Interwoven with other thorny brambles.  Behind a high wall of thorny brambles.  It is anti-citizen.  And it is anti-anything-productive citizens choose to do – up to and especially including engaging in anything having to do with business. Many, many facets of our

Trump Tax Reform Could ‘Transform’ Global Oil Market

RT, American energy renaissance set to flourish under new President. The Republican Party’s proposed shift to border-adjusted corporate tax (BTA) could have a significant impact on the global oil market, pushing US crude prices higher and triggering large-scale domestic production, said analysts at Goldman Sachs. The border tax intends to boost US manufacturing by taxing

What Tax Reform Means for You (and your Neighbor)

Elliot Young, Ever continues the quest for who first uttered the phrase “there are only two sure things in life – death, and taxes.” Of course, the latter is one whose deleterious effects may be minimized through proper tax policy. Partisan gridlock may have captured Washington by the Achilles for the past 30 years, but

Unleash the Economy With True Tax Reform

Ed Feulner, Tax reform often seems like an elusive goal. But conservatives should be pleased about where we are on this issue. We’ve come a long way in just a few years. The ideal tax reform would lower tax rates on families and businesses and establish a consumption tax base. A consumption base doesn’t necessarily

Hobbits Hate Taxes

Dennis Cakert, There is much we can learn from Hobbit tax policy. After completing the long journey to send the ring of fire back into the fiery caverns from which it came, the four hobbits return to their beloved shire only to find their family and friends enslaved under a system of “taxes and fair