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Donald Trump is right about North Carolina bathroom law

Taylor Millard, AP has already looked at some of the ins and outs of Trump’s comments on North Carolina’s bathroom law, but the fact is Donald Trump is right. This doesn’t mean I plan on replacing my #NeverTrump magnet with a “Make America Great Again” one or start delighting in the idea of a

Leftists really need to chillax over #TheChalkening

Taylor Millard, The Leftists going nuts over #TheChalkening really need to chillax and remember the benefits of free speech. #TheChalkening is a bunch of college students putting up pro-Donald Trump messages on college campuses because they know it makes the skin crawl of those who don’t support him. It all started after Emory University students

Voters: We Really do not want the Drama of a Contested Convention #VoteTrump

Taylor Millard, Three ways a contested GOP convention might look. There are three ways the Republican National Convention could go if Donald Trump isn’t able to secure enough delegates to win the nomination outright. The first is a compromise with either Trump or Ted Cruz agreeing to support the other, if there’s no way the

New poll: Sanders six points behind Clinton nationally

Taylor Millard, The Democratic presidential race seems more low key than the Republican one, but it’s just as competitive. A new NBC News/SurveyMonkey poll shows Bernie Sanders is getting even closer to being tied with Hillary Clinton. National support for Clinton now stands at 49 percent down from 53 percent last week. Sanders support