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Ted Cruz Preparing To Suspend Campaign This Week? Apparently Team Cruz is receiving a growing chorus of calls for his withdrawal. FYI:  Today the very same rumor from two different (and trusted) sources  suggest Senator Ted Cruz’s campaign is currently engaged in ongoing discussions regarding the subject of suspending the campaign as early as this week should the Texas senator lose todays

Loser Cruz campaign now selling œMake PC Great Again hats to mock Trump

It’s rarely a good idea to get in a trolling contest with America’s master troll but Team Cruz is stuck right now between a humiliating landslide loss in a big mid-Atlantic state last week and a bunch of humiliating landslides losses in mid-Atlantic states to come. Might as well have a little fun aimed at

Has Cruz been Trumped in trying to win over Pennsylvania’s delegates?

Allahpundit, Big news from American Commitment President Phil Kerpen, who’s been hard at work trying to figure out which way Pennsylvania’s delegate candidates are leaning. Why is that important? It’s not just that Pennsylvania will send 71, a large haul, to the convention. It’s the fact that the state has a “loophole primary” where

Lyin’ Ted: Fighting the Executive Amnesty His Finance Committee Point Man Champions

Diana West, This is rich? This is chuptzpah? This is “mental”? It’s all of the above. Ted Cruz, the man who will tell a different story to different audiences without the slightest decreasing of his furrowed brows, has just signed an amicus brief with 42 other GOP senators challenging Obama’s November 2014 executive amnesty. That

Hmmmmmm: Rubio sends letter to Republican officials stating that he wants to keep his delegates

Allahpundit, My God: He’s making a play to win the nomination on the 15th ballot. No, actually, I think what he’s doing here is putting his #NeverTrump beliefs into practice. Rubio has sent letters to Republican officials in states where he has won delegates, charging he wants to keep his delegates, even though he’s