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Trump aides: Democrats’ complaints are sour grapes

Sour grapes. That’s how Donald Trump’s closest advisers see Democrats’ complaints that Moscow hacked their private emails this election season in a bid to sow discord among their supporters and sway the election toward Republicans. The pushback comes ahead of the Electoral College vote, which was expected to make official Trump’s election win and pave

Two Electors Launch Effort To “Flip the Electoral College” And Block Trump’s Win

Mac Slavo |, OK, theoretically, everything will go according to plan, and Donald Trump will be the next president. The #NeverTrump crowd and plenty of bitter Hillary supporters are still hoping for a coup. But technically, the (s)election hasn’t really taken place yet. Presidential electors of the mystified electoral college must still actually vote

Loss Exposed Hillary Clinton for the Classless, Unaccountable Politician She Is

Hillary Shows Her True Colors On Election Night—And It Wasn’t Pretty. Election Night, President-elect Donald Trump proved a lot of people wrong, “triggered” countless leftists and exposed rival Hillary Clinton for the classless, unaccountable politician she really is.  As states turned red on the Fox News electoral map and now-disgraced CNN became a more somber setting than a funeral,

Hillary Has Dropped 60 Electoral Votes In The Last Week Alone, If the current trend holds, the Clinton campaign will see an Election Day collapse of historic proportion. Pollster Frank Luntz just indicated Team Hillary is down 60 electoral votes when compared to where the campaign was just a week ago. If the current trend holds, the Clinton campaign will see an Election Day collapse

Team Hillary Worried About Keeping George Soros Happy

Jim Stinson, Clinton camp was wary of raising money for America Votes but was more concerned with pleasing liberal billionaire. On the same day Hillary Clinton was dining with liberal billionaire George Soros, the Clinton campaign was sweating if they could snub a fundraiser for one of Soros’ activist groups. The email chain was part of

This Is No Way To Elect A President

Derek Hunter, We truly have only ourselves to blame. How the greatest nation in the history of the planet ended up with these two candidates for president will be something for historians to figure out as they sift through the rubble of our civilization. But it is where we find ourselves. The societal autopsy of

Only thing transparent about Hillary is her dishonesty

Buried by last week’s Brexit furor was fresh news of Hillary Clinton’s efforts to cover up her abuses of power at the State Department. Two distinct Associated Press scoops show her concealing evidence. One is just a single e-mail that she chose not to hand over in her supposedly complete dump of her work correspondence.

Trump camp just Loves this New Poll #VoteTrump

Larry O’Connor, It’s almost like polling agencies purposely choose Monday so news agencies are sure to have things to talk about. Capt. Ed has already broken down the PPP polls for tomorrow’s primary states and I pointed out a new Gallup poll showing how Hillary can barely capture the attention of women in her own