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Ted Kennedy

When a white leftist senator smeared a black conservative Supreme Court nominee.

Lloyd Billingsley, The Accuser of the Brother. Even with help from Yuri Andropov’s Soviet Union, the Democrats could not defeat Ronald Reagan in 1984. Led by Ted Kennedy, who had sought aid from the Soviets, the Democrats smeared Reagan’s nominee Robert Bork, who failed to gain a seat on the high court. In 1991, when

Sessions confirmed as attorney general after contentious debate #AMEN

Sen. Jeff Sessions won confirmation Wednesday evening to become the next attorney general of the United States, capping a Senate fight so contentious that one of the nominee’s biggest critics was forced by majority Republicans to sit out the last leg of the debate. The Senate narrowly approved the Alabama Republican’s nomination on a 52-47

When Teddy Met Yuri: Bork Smearer Kennedy sought Soviet help against Reagan

Lloyd Billingsley, The smear surge against President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch is certain to sweep in a tide of lies. That was the case thirty years ago in the 1987 hearing for Robert Bork, Supreme Court nominee of President Ronald Reagan. The smearer-in-chief was Senator Ted Kennedy, a Massachusetts Democrat and something of

Why Supreme Court Nominations Prompt Scorched-earth Warfare

Jonah Goldberg, After successfully delivering the secret knock and password, a beleaguered, unshaven older man walks into the bunker, stomping out the cold from his feet on the way in. He walks over to one of the garbage-can fires, where his younger yet battle-hardened comrades are gathered, strategizing about the fight to come. As the

Goodbye Dirty Harry: Senate’s political punch-thrower says farewell, leaves trail of gaffes

Outgoing Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid delivered his farewell address Thursday after more than three decades in Congress – leaving in his wake a trail of gaffes and gloves-off political punches that won’t soon be forgotten. Despite Reid’s reputation for rhetorical warfare, he and his adversaries set aside their differences for Thursday’s sendoff.   Senate

If We Say We Want Inclusiveness, Let’s Mean It and Practice It

David Limbaugh, I am uplifted by Tuesday’s presidential election results because I believe we have a good chance to start turning things around in the country for the better, from economic issues to social issues and matters of national security and the rule of law. There is one subject, however, I feel compelled to address

The Left’s War on Women

Victoria Stroup,  Hillary supporters are the world’s best (and worst) apologists. They’re loyal no matter what, but they defend the worst possible actions, crying “Bill’s the bad guy! Hillary’s innocent.” Okay, tell that to the countless women whose lives have been affected by her ruthlessness. But Hillary isn’t alone. As Dinesh D’Souza shows us in