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What happens if Clinton drops out?

Whether an October surprise may have come a month early, it’s too soon to say. But Hillary Clinton’s weekend health scare already has started to stir speculation about whether Democratic officials should be discussing the possibility of a Plan B, in case they need to hastily arrange for a replacement nominee. Which raises a basic

Ted Strickland: Tim Kaine ‘Ready to Become President’ If Necessary

John Hayward, While introducing Democratic vice-presidential nominee Tim Kaine at a high school in Dayton on Monday, former Ohio governor Ted Strickland raised eyebrows by stressing that Kaine is “ready to become the president,” if Hillary Clinton proves unable to serve. The New York Times has Strickland praising Kaine as “a wonderful and prepared person to be

Election 2016: Who Will Win the U.S. Senate?

Arthur Schaper, Election 2014 displayed one of the most incredible switches of U.S. Senate control in recent memory. The Republicans did not just take back the upper chamber—they wiped the floor with the Democrats. They bested some of their pettiest political tricks, including three different Democratic candidates in Montana, plus three-way races in other states.

Democratic convention adds speakers

Democratic convention adds speakers

Prominent Democrats were added to the speakers list for the upcoming Democratic National Convention Monday, two weeks before the gathering convenes in Charlotte. Added Monday were Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who served as President Barack Obama’s chief of staff for the first two years of his presidency; Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts, who won the