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Why Trump Should Win #AmericaFirst

John P. Warren,  Right under our noses, the unthinkable happened to both major political parties at the same time: they were hijacked. By populists. Common threads tie all of history’s political renegades, but 2016 is the first time the establishment of each party was shaken to its core. Kudos to Republicans for surviving its internal

Obama to ambitious governors: ‘Make yourselves at home’ in White House

President Barack Obama invited state governors, some eyeing runs at the presidency in 2016 and beyond, to “make yourselves at home” during a black-tie dinner at the White House on Sunday honoring governors in town for an annual meeting. First lady Michelle Obama was flanked by two Republicans often cited as potential 2016 contenders: Nikki

5 Reasons Not To Bomb Syria

By: John Hawkins Speak softly and carry a big stick, and you will go far. — Teddy Roosevelt Barack Obama knows that America’s military is a big stick, but unfortunately Roosevelt’s advice about speaking softly doesn’t seem to have stuck. Because Barack Obama recklessly shot off his mouth about a “red line” in Syria, he’s