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Feinstein in 1999: Bill Clinton ‘Gave False or Misleading Testimony’

Terry Jeffrey,  Seventeen years ago, as a Republican-controlled Senate concluded its impeachment trial of President Bill Clinton, Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., expressed her concerns about how future generations would perceive what had happened. Feinstein — along with every other Senate Democrat and five Republicans — voted on Feb. 12, 1999 that Clinton was “not guilty”

Labor to Young Americans: Work Less, Achieve Less

Terry Jeffrey, A 25-year-old woman three years out of college earns a modest, but livable, salary in a professional position where she oversees the work of several other young people. She works eight-to-ten hours every weekday — then goes home and takes a three-mile walk. When she is walking, she sometimes thinks about her job

44 Percent Hike in Taxes Covers Obama-Era Debt

Terry Jeffrey, President Barack Obama has presided over a federal government that has already taxed more than $20 trillion away from the American people. But to cover the federal spending he has presided over without increasing the federal debt, he would have needed to increase federal tax revenues by about 44 percent. Since he was

Obama: God-Given Rights ‘Was a Radical Idea’

Terry Jeffrey, President Barack Obama affirmed this week that the Declaration of Independence recognizes that “individual human beings” have “God-given rights.” Yet, he insisted this was a “radical idea” at the time of the founding. Were he right — which he is not — history would see it as one radical idea Obama did not

Secure Our Border and Our Freedom

Terry Jeffrey,  One of the fundamental questions facing Americans today is: Will our government ever secure our border? Judging by recent history, the answer would be: No. This is one place America must change. “We need a secure border to stop potential terrorists from entering the nation,” House Homeland Security Chairman Michael McCaul said last