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Texas Gov. Abbott threatens to oust officials who promote sanctuary cities

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is vowing to pursue legislation to “remove from office” any official who promotes sanctuary cities — potentially raising the stakes for local sheriffs and mayors who defy federal law. The proposal also could set up a legal showdown between local and state officials in the Lone Star State.  Abbott announced the

Trump cites voter registration problems to back up ‘rigged’ charge

As Donald Trump takes bipartisan heat for his persistent claim the election could be “rigged,” the GOP nominee is holding up studies and reports of potential voter fraud to back up his case.  At his address in Gettysburg, Pa., on Saturday, Trump cited a 2012 Pew study that found evidence the voter registration rolls needed serious cleaning

The Transgender President: Inside Obama’s effort to fundamentally transform America

Edmund Kozak,  A homeless woman in a women-only shelter is raped by a man pretending to be a trans woman. An eight-year-old girl is strangled by a man in a Chicago-area restaurant’s ladies’ room. A young man who lives his life as a woman is heartbroken when heterosexual men aren’t interested in him/her. A beautiful

We Must Defy Obama’s Transgender Decree — No Matter the Cost

Todd Starnes, The Obama administration declared on May 9th that forcing people to use bathroom facilities based on their God-given plumbing was state-sponsored discrimination. Four days later they dropped an even bigger cultural bombshell. The president issued a directive requiring every public school in the nation to accommodate transgender students – under Title IX guidelines.

Former Texas Gov. Perry endorses Trump, says open to running mate role

Former Texas Governor Rick Perry has endorsed Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and is open to being his running mate, CNN reported on Thursday. In September, Perry was the first member of the initially crowded Republican field to drop out of the 2016 White House race, following a failed bid in the 2012 race. The

Religious conservatives facing off at conference

 The Early auditions for the Republican Party’s next presidential contest are in full swing at the nation’s largest annual gathering of conservative activists, where some of the GOP’s most prominent religious conservatives are facing off. Friday marks the second day of the Conservative Political Action Conference, which brings thousands of conservative activists to suburban Washington