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7 Ways Hunters Can Combat The Anti-Hunting, Death-Threatening Lunatics

Doug Giles  This past week, Facebook removed a page dedicated to the death of a Texas Tech cheerleader named Kendall Jones. The page was titled,“Kill Kendall Jones”. Charming, eh? Why did 300-400 people want to kill Kendall? Are y’all ready? Are you sitting down? It was because Miss Jones legally hunts animals that aren’t endangered,

Playmate Joanna Krupa Thinks Huntress Kendall Jones Should Be Killed

Doug Giles  Last week, a firestorm erupted on Facebook over several pics of legally hunted, not endangered, African animals by a Texas Tech University cheerleader named Kendall Jones. One would’ve thought, given the rank, ripe and replete rancor leveled at Miss Kendall that she publicly filmed the murder of a baby or something. Sorry, that