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Victor Davis Hanson: Is the American Elite Really Elite?

Victor Davis Hanson, Establishment furor over the six-week-old Trump Administration is growing. Outraged New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman recently compared Trump’s victory to disasters in American history that killed and wounded thousands such as the Pearl Harbor surprise bombing and the 9/11 terrorist attacks. The New Republic — based on no evidence — theorized

How Hillary May Give President Trump a Second Term

Daniel Greenfield, The Clintons aren’t done damaging the Democrats. When all the campaign booze was downed and the last “I’m With Her” balloons were popped, bleary Democrat hacks rose from stained couches to try and explain the election to the rest of their party. Two explanations made the rounds like the last champagne bottle for

Behold the Washington Post Style section of January 3, 2017 #PizzaGate

Diana West, Wake Up and Smell the Culture All but the trimmings of Page One and Two belong to a woman named Amanda Kleinman, who, we are told, is the leading victim of the headline’s “Troll Patrol” — online harassment resulting from that “viral fake news conspiracy theory” known as “Pizzagate.”  What is “Pizzagate?” Whatever

Lack of Worthwhile Content Is Ravaging Our Children’s Educations

Jay Lehr, Review of Why Knowledge Matters: Rescuing Our Children from Failed Educational Theories, By E.D. Hirsch Jr.   In Why Knowledge Matters, E.D. Hirsch Jr., founder of the Core Knowledge Foundation and professor emeritus of education and humanities at the University of Virginia, provides an outstanding treatise on the growing failure of the U.S. K–12

Russia does not rule out ‘terrorist act’ in Black Sea jet crash

Russian authorities investigating the crash of a military plane that killed 92 people said on Thursday there was no explosion on board but they had not ruled out a “terrorist act” as the cause. The Defence Ministry Tupolev-154 was flying to Syria with dozens of Red Army Choir singers and dancers on board when it

Despondent Lefties Call for Trump-Hillary Recount

Jim Stinson, Democrats, media indulge in conspiracy theories about GOP electioneering. There is something about President-Elect Donald Trump bringing out the hypocrisy in his opponents. He’s good at it. The Left is even accusing Nate Cohn of The New York Times of “covering up fraud” in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. Before the election, Democratic presidential

GOP lobbyist joins quest to solve murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich

The parents of slain DNC staffer Seth Rich are joining forces with a high-profile Republican lobbyist in their search to bring their son’s killer or killers to justice. The lobbyist, Jack Burkman, told the Jewish Forward that he plans to hold a press conference this month alongside Joel and Mary Rich and call on the public to come