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To Help Airports, Cut Federal Spending, Bureaucracy, and Rules

Brian McNicoll, It’s a risky proposition this notion of President-elect Trump spending valuable early-term momentum on a big infrastructure program. They’re costly, prone to waste, temporary in terms of job creation and take awhile to deliver benefits. But in one of the needier sectors of infrastructure, the answer might be for the government to spend

House Votes to Limit Obama’s NSA Spying

 The NSA collects data and spies on American citizens, even members of Congress and the government, without getting a specific warrant and in clear violation of the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution. People are outraged that this is happening, and multiple lawsuits have been filed against the NSA to stop their warrantless searches and seizures

Tea Party-backed lawmaker makes bid for No. 2 House post

 An outspoken Tea Party-backed Republican lawmaker on Friday opened his campaign for the No. 2 leadership post in the House of Representatives against a top deputy of Speaker John Boehner in a bid to boost conservatives’ influence in the party. Raul Labrador of Idaho said he would run for the House Majority Leader job in