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Glad to be Living in the USA

Lloyd Billingsley, Landmark 2017 passings mark three visions of America. “Oh well, oh well, I feel so good today,” sang Chuck Berry way back in 1959. Why was this man feeling so good that day? Simple, because “We touched ground on an international runway, jet propelled back home, from over the seas to the USA.”

Media Keep Butchering the Facts

David Harsanyi, Since its passage, and in a way that is unlike any policy issue in modern American history, the press have rallied to the defense of Obamacare. From day one, there has been almost no light between the average liberal activist and average health care reporter. Or the average “fact-checker,” for that matter. “Fact-checking”

Bill Nye’s View of Humanity Is Repulsive

David Harsanyi, Bill Nye has some detestable ideas about humanity. This shouldn’t surprise anyone. Many environmental doomsdayers share his totalitarian impulses (he has toyed with the idea of criminalizing speech he dislikes) and soft spot for eugenics. In his Netflix series, “Bill Nye Saves the World,” the former children’s television host supplies viewers with various

Trump’s Biggest Achievement in His 1st 100 Days? Stopping the Left

Larry Elder, President Donald Trump’s biggest achievement in his first 100 days? Easy. He stopped the left. Measure Trump’s first 100 days not just by looking at what he has or has not accomplished. Look at what America would have experienced under the alternative: Hillary Clinton. Under Clinton, the debate would not be on how

Abe Rosenthal Is Turning in His Grave

Ed Klein, As a former editor at The New York Times (I ran The Times Magazine for 10 years, from 1977 to 1987), I am often asked by friends to explain why the paper has abandoned all pretense at impartiality in its news pages and become a tedious mouthpiece for the Democratic Party and the “resistance” movement

The Case for Christ

David Limbaugh, As most of you doubtlessly know, Lee Strobel has a new movie out, “The Case for Christ,” which is based on his blockbuster book with the same title. This movie is fabulous. I began my search for Christ as a believer in God but not necessarily in the God of the Bible. But