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Anti-Hillary Economy Exploding in Merchandise, Movies and Books

Paul Bond | Hollywood Reporter, “Hillary for Prison 2016” T-shirts were a big seller outside the RNC, along with scads of other Clinton-hating merch. Editor’s note: Infowars would like to clarify – despite many people wearing the shirt – we did not sell our “Hillary for Prison” t-shirts or merchandise at the RNC or DNC.

Celebs Want to Attend Trump Fundraiser But Fear Retaliation from Liberal Hollywood

Daniel Nussbaum, Breitbart  Several celebrities and Hollywood executives have expressed interest in attending a fundraiser for Donald Trump in Los Angeles this week but fear possible professional consequences from their liberal colleagues in the entertainment industry, a report claims. According to the Hollywood Reporter, a number of celebrities have attempted to gain entrance to Wednesday

Phil Robertson on Miley Cyrus, Transgender Bathrooms and Hollywood ňúSinners,’ Backs Trump

Paul Bond, “We’re killing babies in their mother’s womb now,” the A&E star tells THR. “You were in your mother’s womb, dude. If someone went in there and threw this future reporter away, you wouldn’t be talking to me, so give me a break.” Phil Robertson, the 70-year-old patriarch of A&E’s Duck Dynasty, stars in