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Burglars: It is getting harder to tell the Private Thieves from the Government Thieves

Paul Jacob, The legitimate purpose of government? It is to protect citizens from force and fraud, to defend individuals against violent and criminal attacks on their persons and property, and, beyond that, to leave them at liberty to pursue their own happiness. Tyranny, conversely, is what we call governments that engage in force and fraud,

Documents indicate IRS officials knew of Tea Party targeting since 2011

A new batch of FBI documents released Thursday by Judicial Watch indicates that several senior Internal Revenue Service (IRS) officials were aware of the targeting of conservative groups almost two years before they told Congress. Lois Lerner, who oversaw tax-exempt groups for the IRS, and top IRS official Holly Paz “knew that agents were targeting conservative

IRS admits 25% of earned income tax credits are issued improperly

Kenric Ward This article originally appeared on A new government report says the IRS is making little progress in reducing improper payments of Earned Income Tax Credits — allowing more than $13 billion to slip through last fiscal year. The IRS itself admits that roughly one-quarter of EITC payments were issued improperly in fiscal

House Oversight report: Lois Lerner misled Congress on IRS scandal

 After playing some weird little games about giving the House Oversight committee honest testimony, former – technically, “retired” – IRS official Lois Lerner decided to invoke the Fifth Amendment again last week.  The committee has released an extensive report, based heavily on emails that took a bit of effort to pry out of the Administration,