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California’s New ‘Hot Air’ Obsession: Cow Farts

Assemblyman Tim Donnelly, Many Americans consider California the “land of fruits and nuts” — and lately it’s hard to argue with that. First, California leftists want to secede from the United States of America, simply because they don’t like the outcome of one election. But now — they want to regulate cow flatulence.  Yes, that’s

California GOP is rebuilding, but to what end?

Steven Greenhut BURLINGAME, Calif. — Something happened between the time I cast my first votes for Democrats Jimmy Carter for president and Marion Barry for mayor of Washington, D.C., and four years later when I voted for Ronald Reagan and other Republicans. (And, no, I’m not referring to Barry being arrested for smoking crack cocaine, which took place

Republicans roar for Tea Party candidate at California convention

 California Republicans wrapped up their annual state convention on Sunday with a roar of approval for a charismatic Tea Party-backed candidate seeking to unseat popular Democratic Governor Jerry Brown as he vies for an unprecedented fourth term. Tim Donnelly, a Southern California state assemblyman who made his name as a leader for the anti-illegal immigration