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A Vote for Values is a Vote for Trump

Edmund Kozak, This ‘election matters’ — and the choice is very clear, say conservative politicians. In a message aimed squarely at Republicans against Donald Trump or who are hesitant about voting for Donald Trump, congressional Republicans speaking at the 2016 Values Voter Summit described the stark choice facing the nation. While many conservatives opposed to

Walter E. Williams: Fiddling Away Black Futures

Most black politicians, ministers, civil rights advocates and professionals support Hillary Clinton’s quest for the presidency. Whoever becomes the next president, whether it’s a Democrat or Republican, will mean little or nothing in terms of solutions to major problems that confront many black people. We’ve already seen that even a black president means little or

South Carolina Passes Legislation to Teach Constitution in School

 South Carolina is a solidly red state, with a significant conservative population, evidenced by some of their politicians like Representative Trey Gowdy, Senator Tim Scott, and Governor Nikki Haley. The state has nullified Obamacare and repealed Common Core. They are working towards nullifying federal gun control laws, and Governor Haley wants legislation permitting “