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Time for TIME-less Truth

Robert Knight, It’s been a long while since I perused TIME, either online or in print. Years ago, the weekly ceased being an interesting news magazine and evolved into a caricature of fashionable left-wing thought.  It is no longer required reading. However, TIME managed to work its way back into national consciousness this week with

Man of the Year: Chief Trump Strategist Stephen K. Bannon

David Horowitz and Matthew Vadum, A tribute to an unsung hero. TIME magazine named Donald Trump “Person of the Year” for 2016, and we could have done the same. But this would have been to over-simplify a victory that millions of Americans believe has brought this nation back from the brink of destruction, and has

Give Thanks to the Source of Our National Greatness

Jerry Newcombe,  Why do people from many other countries try to come to America—even in some cases, risking their lives to do so? What is the source of this nation’s greatness?  I think the single biggest thing that makes this country so great is that our founding document—the Declaration of Independence (upon which the Constitution

Voter Resources: When do the polls open? What are the voting times?

Two important questions about Election Day are: when do the polling places open, and how long do they stay open? The answers vary from county to county and state to state. Election Day itself is the Tuesday after the first Monday in November. That means that the earliest day could be November 2nd and the

Second presidential debate: What time does it start and where can I watch it?

With one debate behind them, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican rival Donald Trump will go head-to-head again Sunday as they meet for their second debate of the 2016 campaign cycle. Clinton, who saw a post-debate boost following the first presidential forum, will look to continue building momentum for her campaign in the final

Gun Grabbers Die Hard

Katie Kieffer,  Gun grabbers are camouflaging sinister plans with slick catchphrases—hoping you’ll barely notice when they pickpocket your pistol. Hillary Clinton is quietly building a massive gun grabber army. It’s up to you to halt her momentum. Gun grabbers “die hard” because they insist on believing the same anti-gun theories even after encountering facts disproving

Inside the Quirky Campaign Headquarters of Trump, Clinton and Sanders

TIME With its color-coded floor plan and handmade signs hanging from the ceiling, Hillary Clinton’s campaign headquarters sprawls across a maze of cubicles and shared desks filling two floors of a Brooklyn office tower. Defined by youth, ambition and smarts, the largely millennial crew here is the most advanced digital, policy, analytics and communications operation

Why Donald Trump’s Surprising Wins in These Wealthy Suburbs Matter

TIME Fairfield, Connecticut, doesn’t look like the Donald Trump country you’re used to seeing. The stately homes in Greenfield Hill, with its two-acre zoning requirement, and the charming waterfront in Southport, with sailboats docked in the calm waters of Long Island Sound don’t gibe with the raucous rallies thrown by the Republican frontrunner. But these

Donald Trump Is Considering Newt Gingrich for Vice Presidential Role

Trump has sought advice from confidants about selecting the former House speaker as a running mate. Donald Trump has discussed in recent days the possibility of selecting former U.S. House Speaker Newt Gingrich as his running mate, according to people familiar with the talks. Trump, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, has been asking confidants for input

History Suggests Ted Cruz’s Early Running Mate Gambit Won’t Work

A series of losing candidates have tried similar tactics. Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz’s unusual move Wednesday to announce a running mate, Carly Fiorina, without securing the party nomination is not unprecedented in American political history—but it is rare, and similar attempts in the past have been largely unsuccessful. Previous presidential candidates who have announced

Voters Getting Excited about Trump vs. Hillary Debates? Watch this Video

Watch a Virtual Debate Between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are already facing off against each other. The respective front-runners for the Democratic and Republican presidential nominations are increasingly focusing their rhetoric on each other on the campaign trail, in interviews and at debates. But what will happen if the