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GOP ObamaCare “Repeal:” A “Screw-Up” Beyond All Recognition

Michael Hammond, After a month of screwing around, the House is finally moving on February 28 on its first health care-related bill: H.R. 372, which would EXPAND federal anti-trust jurisdiction over health care insurers. Which is being offered as a free-standing bill. On the proposition that more federal government control will force insurance companies to

GOP Sens. Cotton, Perdue unveil bill to cut legal immigration ‘in half’

Joseph Weber, Two Republican senators announced legislation Tuesday that could effectively cut legal immigration in half, marking a shift in the debate as President Trump focuses more on curbing illegal immigration. The bill by Sens. Tom Cotton, Arkansas, and David Perdue, Georgia, would reduce the number of green cards issued annually from 1 million to

Tom Cotton to Schumer: “Eight Years Ago, I Was Getting My Ass Shot at in Afghanistan”

Daniel Greenfield, The theme is political obstructionism. Schumer wants to keep the real business of politics, moving money around, flowing. But he also needs to service the needs of key Dems to posture and obstruct Trump’s nominees. Some want to do this to position themselves for a 2020 run, Warren and Booker come to mind, others

Trump, Congress need to reduce legal and illegal immigration

Arkansas Republican Sen. Tom Cotton told Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Monday that President-elect Donald Trump and the next Congress must work to reduce legal immigration as well as illegal immigration. “People who work on their feet and work with their hands in this country, they haven’t seen a pay raise in a long time,” Cotton

Our president desperately needs an ObamaCare reality check

Sen. Tom Cotton, When President Obama and Congressional Democrats rammed ObamaCare through Congress in a series of late night votes, the majority of Americans were rightly skeptical of the law. At the time, President Obama claimed the law was the answer to our health care problems and that skeptics would be proven wrong. And for


New York, NY — Today, Donald J. Trump announced the appointment of several key members to his national security advisory council following a roundtable meeting in New York. Mr. Trump’s national security team is comprised of some of the brightest minds in foreign policy, nuclear non-proliferation, combating ISIS and rebuilding our national defense. This distinguished group