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Phil Robertson’s Nephew is Running for Congress to Stop Obama

 Duck Dynasty is a very popular hit TV program because the stars of the show are just regular guys with a conservative viewpoint, like a majority of Americans. They love God, family and their guns, and they dislike politicians in Washington DC, especially the Democrats. Some of them have joked around about getting involved in

Allen West: Obama Committed œPotential Treason at Benghazi

 Former Florida Congressman and retired Lt. Col. Allen West has never been one to hold his tongue when he has something to say, particularly concerning President Obama. He has called Obama a liar, a disgrace, and thinks he should resign.  He also says that impeachment should definitely be “on the table”. West isn’t alone, as

VICTORY: Major Pro-Gun Legislation Passes in Louisiana

Common sense dictates that alcohol and firearms don’t mix, hence most states have laws prohibiting the carrying of a gun into a bar or restaurant that serves alcohol. But what about responsible, law-abiding gun owners, or off-duty and retired law enforcement officials, that are smart enough not to drink while carrying, and just want to