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House Foreign Affairs Warns Treasury Dept Not to Believe Iran Is No Longer Financing Terror

Cortney O’Brien, The Financial Action Task Force, an organization that sets international standards for anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing, is meeting next week to determine which nations will remain “high-risk and non-cooperative jurisdictions.”  Iran, one of the countries that holds this designation, is trying to convince the Task Force to take its name off the

Treasury Dept. Intercepts Tax Refunds to Collect Debts of Dead Parents

All Gov – by Steve Straehley  If you’re expecting a refund from the taxes you just filed, beware. The Treasury Department might grab a piece of your money before you ever see it. Thanks to a one-line provision slipped into the 2008 Farm Bill, a 10-year statute of limitations was removed from old debts to the government. The Social