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Let’s Get Government Out of the Charity Business

Star Parker,   The story is told that when Tennessee frontiersman Davy Crockett served in the US Congress (between 1827 and 1835) he voted for a bill appropriating $20,000 for relief for victims of a fire that broke out in Georgetown. When he returned home, a constituent farmer chastised him for supporting the bill and for […] Read More →

Pentagon No. 2 urges end to U.S. defense cut ‘madness’

 U.S. Deputy Defense Secretary Robert Work appealed on Wednesday for lawmakers to “end this madness” of across-the-board Pentagon spending cuts, saying they threaten U.S. military readiness and technological dominance at a time of complex global challenges. Work, addressing a think-tank defense conference, said unless Congress is able to provide the Pentagon with greater budgetary stability […] Read More →

Congress makes history: This is a big deal … Congress has cut spending two consecutive years

Dr. Paul Kengor,    I recently attended a political event where a Republican congressman was making a re-election pitch. It was the usual stump speech. But one thing he said especially struck me. “This Congress has cut spending—yes, actually cut spending—each of the last two years,” he asserted. “And how rare is that?”  Well, it would be […] Read More →

Why I Oppose Barack Obama

John Hawkins,   We keep hearing from liberals that people who oppose Barack Obama MUST feel that way because of racism. As if there couldn’t be another reason or for that matter, dozens of other reasons like… · The IRS scandal · Obamacare · Fast and Furious · Opening up the borders and illegally implementing the […] Read More →

A Half-Trillion Dollar Budget Deficit

Donald Lambro.  The Obama administration continues to run up big budget deficits and huge long-term debts that threaten our economic future and put our national security in peril. The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office released new numbers this week, projecting that this year’s budget deficit alone will be half a trillion dollars more than the U.S. […] Read More →