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Trojan Horse

Ending the Trojan Horse Refugee Threat to Stop #Terrorism

Brian Babin, Swift action required to prevent terrorists from exploiting weak migrant policies. America’s United Nations-run refugee resettlement program poses a direct threat to the safety and security of the American people. ISIS has already successfully infiltrated the refugee flow into Europe and has pledged to do the same in America. To protect Americans and

Moral Equivalence Has Become a Moral Atrocity

Caroline Glick,  The international community’s failure to distinguish good from evil — and the victims it produces. Originally published by the Jerusalem Post.  We have reached the point where moral equivalence has become a moral atrocity. The smart set in the West has insisted for over a generation that Israel and the Palestinians are morally

Pamela Geller: Trump Is Right, and He Must Win

Pamela Geller, The post-jihad denial that we see in the wake of every Islamic attack since 9/11 has made possible the wild successes of Islamic groups that are waging jihad in the cause of Islam. After every jihad terror attack, Islamic supremacists and their paid shills in the media unleash relentless, vicious attacks upon those

China’s Trojan Horse: Cruise Ship Converted to Transport Military Troops, Tanks, & Equipment

The Intel Hub CHINA — A cruise ship has been transformed into ominous modern day Trojan Horse, ready to fully invade by way of stealth. What are the Chinese up to? Wired reports; The media freaked out about China’s crappy aircraft carrier and hyperventilated over the J-20 stealth fighter. But China’s newest addition to its