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Starnes: ‘Sanctuary’ mayors have American blood on their hands

Todd Starnes, In 2015 Kate Steinle was gunned down by an illegal alien in San Francisco – a sanctuary city. The man charged with her murder was a seven-time felon who had been deported five times. Five times. There was an immigration hold on the suspect, meaning the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement wanted to

Obama Deploying Dozen-Strong Team to ‘Keep Tabs’ on Trump Administration

Ben Kew, Barack Obama has reportedly deployed a team to “keep tabs” on the Trump administration and attempt to preserve his legacy, according to the Huffington Post. Since leaving office in January, the former president has tried to emulate the example of George. W. Bush by not commenting on actions taken by the new administration. Jen

Space and American-Russian Diplomacy – Press the Opening

Kent Johnson, Now that the Trump Administration’s Secretary of State, former Exxon leader Rex Tillerson, has taken his official seat – been duly grilled, confirmed, and sworn in – big  things may be about to happen.  Like President Trump, Secretary Tillerson is circumspect but hopeful about Russia.  One basis for hope, and a platform of

Andy Schlafly: New Deportation Policies Advance Trump’s Agenda

Andy Schlafly, John F. Kelly, the new Secretary of Homeland Security, has launched Trump’s immigration agenda with a pair of memos officially released on Tuesday.  These documents demonstrate how serious President Trump is in halting illegal immigration. Contrary to the liberal hysteria sparked by these memos, they outline in measured tone the sensible steps to

Enough With the ‘Vetting’

Bob Barr, Of the many words to describe Donald Trump, “measured” and “precise” are not among them. This, of course, is not necessarily a bad thing for a larger-than-life figure like Trump. His grandiose demeanor and over-the-top rhetoric is not only responsible for his celebrity status and immense wealth, but his political fortunes as well. 

Trump Administration Will Not Push For Two-State Solution In Middle East

Christine Rousselle, Ahead of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit to the United States, more details on how the Trump Administration plans to approach Middle East policy are beginning to emerge. Namely, it appears as though they will not be looking to propose a two-state solution. Speaking anonymously, a White House official said that a

Hanging Tough in the White House

D.W. Wilber, Update: White House National Security Advisor General Michael Flynn Has Resigned. As is typical of the Washington careerists – that would include the career politicians of both major political parties and their hangers-on – as well as the lifelong bureaucrats who are all vested in maintaining the status quo in our nation’s capital,

Soros War Chest Funding Legal Battle Against Trump Administration

Joseph Klein, Leftists and Islamists once again team up against America. The leftist multi-billionaire George Soros is the financier behind multiple progressive organizations including ACORN, Apollo Alliance, National Council of La Raza, Palestinian Center for Human Rights, Tides Foundation, Southern Poverty Law Center, People for the American Way, Media Matters, and Among Soros’s leftwing causes is

Obama’s last money shower for the UN: some $9.2 billion

George Russell, In its last year in office, the Obama Administration showered at least some $9.2 billion on the United Nations and its sprawling array of organizations, according to a document recently posted on the State Department website. The total is gleaned from a document that summarizes U.S. government spending for international organizations, and is

Russia’s Probe in Ukraine Targets the Trump Administration

Austin Bay, It’s mid-winter, with temperatures plunging to five degrees Fahrenheit, but Russia’s creeping war of aggression in eastern Ukraine’s Donbas region is heating up once again as Kremlin-supplied rebels attack Ukrainians defending the town of Avdiivka. Despite the Minsk Protocol ceasefire of September 2014, the Kremlin’s Ukraine war has never ceased. It began in


A MEMBER OF THE NAVAJO NATION, THE LARGEST NATIVE AMERICAN TRIBE IN THE UNITED STATES WILL SERVE IN THE WHITE HOUSE WITH PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP. Former Arizona State Senator Carlyle Begay is President Trumps new White House Advisor on Indian Affairs. Posted on Facebook: Republican Native Americans Jockey for Trump Administration PostsCarlyle Begay, Jerry