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Demonstrators peaceful on first day of GOP convention

Several protests took place in Cleveland on the opening day of the Republican National Convention, but they remained peaceful. A group in support of Donald Trump took over the official parade route under the banner “America First.” About 200 people were at the rally Monday morning, some toting guns though the application said 5,000 would

Latinos For Trump: California residents speak in favor of Republican candidate

Joe Biggs | Infowars,  Reporter Joe Biggs interviews California resident Alonzo at the Huntington Beach pier on why he supports Donald Trump. Other residents including one young man talked about their open disdain for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton as well. Another California native discusses how the violence from radical Anti-Trump leftists pushed him towards supporting

Voters You must be registered Republican to vote in the California Primary for Donald Trump

California Has a Closed Primary, Vote June 7th, 7am to 8pm You must be registered Republican to vote in the California Primary for Donald Trump! You can register Republican online at the Secretary of State’s website. Do not delay, register Republican today.For help, contact the Trump California HQ646-736-1779 Requirements to Vote For Trump… California’s GOP

Donald Trump Plans to Adopt More-Traditional Campaign Tactics

GOP front-runner says his campaign is evolving; coming soon are policy addresses, teleprompters and a speechwriter. Donald Trump, after notching a big win in New York, is planning to roll out significant changes in his campaign, including giving a policy speech on foreign affairs and using teleprompters and a speechwriter. In an interview with the

Cruz’s Path to the Nomination Narrows After New York Walloping

The Texas senator can no longer reach the delegate threshold to claim the nomination prior to a contested convention. Ted Cruz knew he was going to get crushed in New York. The Texas senator didn’t hold a single campaign event (excluding TV appearances) over the last three days in the Empire State, instead campaigning in

Trump California Political Director: ˜We Have Already Outmatched’ Cruz

Breitbart Tim Clark, hand-picked by Republican frontrunner Donald Trump this week to be his new California political director, told Breitbart News in an exclusive interview Wednesday evening that the Trump campaign has “already outmatched” Sen. Ted Cruz in the Golden State. “I’ve only been on the job for the past 24 hours,” Clark said, “but it is