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The New Pro-Trump Ted Cruz

Matt Vespa, After a disastrous appearance at the Republican National Convention in July, where he failed to endorse Republican nominee Donald Trump, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) finally endorsed the billionaire on Friday—probably disappointing his die-hard supporters (or forcing them desperately rationalize this decision) and confirming that he’s a snake oil salesman to his detractors, who

The Absurdity of “Trump/Cruz Can’t Win”

Mark Davis, Have we not all learned that this is a terrible year for broad pronouncements? The past months are littered with the failed assertions of oh-so-smart people who just knew they had everything figured out. Trump is a joke. No, wait, he’s inevitable. He’s out of control. No, now he’s more disciplined, He’s got

Pat Buchanan: Let’s face it, a Trump/Cruz ticket would set the country on fire

Allahpundit, Via Breitbart, the key bit in Video below starts at 6:30. When he says “set the country on fire,” does he mean people literally setting things on fire in rage over how much they hate a Trump/Cruz ticket? Because I can sort of see that. Trump’s numbers are flaming garbage, as you know, but

Only Trump has a mathematical path to the needed 1,237 delegate majority #VoteTrump

As voters head to the polls in the important Republican presidential primary today in Wisconsin, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), conservative businessman Donald J. Trump, and Ohio Governor John Kasich are battling for the state’s 42 delegates. The Republican establishment is pushing John Kasich to get out of the race NOW, in a desperate attempt to