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Return White House Drug Czar to Cabinet

Robert Charles, Many critical issues tied to fundamental bureaucratic reform and redirection of federal policies await the Trump/Pence cabinet. But one cabinet pick, often forgotten and vital to redirecting national policy at a time of crisis, is the so-called “Drug Czar.”  Formally, this post is known as the White House Director of the Office of

Donald Trump, and Mike Pence for Peace Prize?

Robert Charles, Wow!  Talk about inclusion … Donald Trump has now personally interviewed or gotten counsel and advice from numerous individuals who must have concluded their campaign bashes had earned them a long stretch in the wilderness.  But not so.   Some of the president-elect’s harshest critics appear to be on short lists for senior

Activism: ‘Self-recruited’ Trump volunteers break mold for how campaigns are run

Alaska can be an afterthought in presidential elections, a frigid electoral landscape that often sees the race decided before its polls even close. But this time, volunteers from the deep-red state with its three Electoral College votes started campaigning for Donald Trump long before the campaign kicked in staff members – and without the help