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Trump Revolution

Try This on for Anti-semitism

Ilana Mercer,  Paul Gottfried’s essay, “Are Bannon’s Critics For Real?”, dispenses with the no-brainer that Steve Bannon, “Breitbart executive and Donald Trump adviser,” is a white nationalist. After all, argues Gottfried, Bannon “comes from the world of Washington politics and journalism,” not exactly a hotbed of white identity politics. It’s “not at all clear to

A President Who Doesn’t Hate Those People Clinging To Guns & God

Ilana Mercer, Did Donald Trump unite the American Silent Marjory behind things true and shared? These are economic prosperity, national pride and unity, recognizable neighborhoods—a yen that demands an end to the transformation of neighborhoods through centrally planned, mass immigration—and an end to gratuitous wars. Those were the questions asked in “The Trump Revolution The Donald’s

The Beginning of the Trump Revolution

Brion McClanahan,  Don’t let the afterglow cigarette fool you, Trump supporter. You still need to keep establishment Republicans out of the bed. Trump made clear in his victory speech that he is going to “work” with those Republicans who did not support him. This is warm and fuzzy and may seem prudent, but we should

Bernie Sanders Is No Donald Trump

Jack Kerwick,  In The Trump Revolution: The Donald’s Creative Destruction Deconstructed, veteran paleo-libertarian Ilana Mercer—a Jewish immigrant to America and an unabashed critic of “Demopublican diktats, past and present” (Republicans and Democrats alike)—underscores her subject matter’s uniqueness.  Unequivocally conceding that Trump is no libertarian, i.e. that he is far from her ideal candidate, she praises,

The Libertarian Book of Trump

Ilana Mercer,  In a new book, “The Trump Revolution: The Donald’s Creative Destruction Deconstructed,” I argue that Donald J. Trump is the quintessential post-constitutional candidate. In the “Opening Statement,” titled “Welcome To The Post-Constitutional Jungle,” oldies will recognize a nod to the Guns N’ Roses classic, “Welcome to the Jungle,” as well as to broadcaster