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Trump supporters from across country cheer ‘outsider’ taking charge

Lisa Lackovitch and her friends from central Virginia weren’t going to miss Donald Trump’s inauguration. They had stuck by the New York billionaire when the Republican field had ballooned to 17 candidates during the GOP primaries. Their faith stayed strong even when members of their own party tried to discredit him and when the media

Donald Trump is the response to a bullying culture

Glenn Harlan Reynolds, Abusive political correctness drives voters into the impolitic billionaire’s loud embrace Back in February, analyzing Donald Trump’s appeal, David Gelernter wrote: “Political correctness. Trump hasn’t made it a campaign theme exactly, but he mentions it often with angry disgust. Reporters, pundits, and the other candidates treat it as a sideshow, a handy way for

The virtues of dullness? Why Hillary’s allies are saying she’s boring and uninspiring

Howard Kurtz, Hillary Clinton is really boring. A terrible campaigner. An awful politician who will have a tough time against Donald Trump. And that’s the assessment coming from her allies. It’s a bit of political jujitsu, taking your candidate’s weaknesses and trying to spin them into strengths. It is also a classic case of lowering

The intellectual case for Trump: Trump is the culture warrior we need

Mytheos Holt, Donald Trump represents the first candidate for whom success could only come after a culture war apocalypse. A candidate like Donald Trump should be impossible. A loud, unscripted, hard-edged reality show-style candidate with exceedingly flexible positions on many hot-button issues would be laughed out of contention for the Republican nomination in other years.