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Trump reelection effort raised $13.2 million so far in 2017

President Trump’s reelection campaign has already raised $13.2 million this year, according to federal records filed Friday night and obtained by Politico. The amount was collected by three committees — Donald J. Trump for President, Trump Victory and Trump Make America Great Again Committee. And roughly 80 percent of the money was raised through small,

Was Duck Dynasty Responsible for Trump’s Victory?

Todd Starnes, It turns out the 2016 presidential election may have had less to do with New York City’s Upper West Side  and more to do with the bayous of Louisiana. The New York Times investigated what they call the “cultural divide” in America and found that President-elect Donald Trump did quite well at the

DNC Chair Brazile: Trump Victory ‘Tainted’ By Russian Intrusion

Pam Key, Sunday on ABC”s “This Week,” interim chairman of the Democratic National Committee Donna Brazile disputed President-elect Donald Trump’s legitimacy because of the Russian’s hacking intended to interfere with the 2016 presidential election, saying  the result was “tainted by this intrusion.” Partial transcript as follows: RADDATZ: Donna, given all you said about this hack,

The Great Trump Victory: How Groups of people Came Together and Will Again

Americans Must Now Unite, Our politics are already suffering—and our businesses will, too. The divisive election our country just endured has revealed fault lines throughout society—including the workplace. Now, those political divisions threaten to impact staffing decisions as candidates and hiring managers adopt the use of a term introduced during the latter stages of this campaign:

Defcon Nuclear Threat REDUCED To Safest Level Following Donald Trump Victory

AMERICA’S Defcon warning level has been reduced to its safest threat level possible following Donald Trump’s shock presidential election win. The Defcon Warning System, a private organisation which monitors world events and estimates the nuclear threat against America, is now at Level 5 – its lowest possible state. Just weeks ago the warning was accelerated

The Trump Victory and ‘Whitelash’: The Left’s Dilemma

Jack Kerwick, Though I find CNN’s Van Jones to be a man with few redeeming qualities, he may have stumbled upon an insight when he described the presidential election outcome on Tuesday night as the product of a “whitelash.” While people of every racial background and religion voted for him—Trump was as close to an

Progressives Question Relevance of George Soros’s Democracy Alliance After Trump Victory

Ken Vogel reports on a gathering of major progressive donors and politicians to “lick wounds [and] retrench” after Donald Trump’s presidential victory which also left both houses of Congress under Republican control. George Soros and other rich liberals who spent tens of millions of dollars trying to elect Hillary Clinton are gathering in Washington for

Trump’s Victory is an Awakening for Working America

Rachel Marsden,  Congratulations, middle-class and working-class America. The rest of the U.S. and the world owe you. You just slammed the brakes on the headlong race toward the cultural and economic devastation of the world’s leading superpower by electing anti-establishment Republican Donald Trump over Democrat Hillary Clinton. Not only that, but you may have set

Disbelief, Questions at United Nations after Trump Victory

Michelle Nichols | Reuters, Trump: “The United Nations is not a friend of democracy, it’s not a friend to freedom, it’s not a friend even to the United States of America” The election of Donald Trump as the next U.S. president was met with disbelief and despondency on Wednesday among some United Nations officials and

Trump is focusing on making his final pitch to the voters not fundraising

Donald Trump’s campaign has ended fundraising events meant to support the Republican Party’s get-out-the-vote efforts in next month’s elections.  Aides to the Republican nominee told Fox News that Trump Victory, the joint fundraising committee for the GOP and the campaign, held its most recent fundraiser on Oct. 19 and no more such events were scheduled.

Election 2016: “Let you without sin cast the first vote!!” #TrumpPence16

GOP mega-donors stand by Trump. Republican officials, big donors say he’s better than Hillary Clinton. The party’s deepest-pockets are standing by him. While some major donors and super PAC operatives in interviews on Saturday expressed disgust over the recording, none of the big-money players who have been supporting Trump indicated they were reconsidering their spending to