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A new phase of the war for America begins

David Horowitz and Matthew Vadum, After helping to elect Donald Trump and pilot his White House through the turbulence of its first seven months, Stephen K. Bannon has left the administration and returned to Breitbart News, the conservative online news giant he captained before joining Trump a year ago. What distinguishes Steve Bannon from other

Press secretary Sanders reacts to Scaramucci interview

WASHINGTON –  After newly hired White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci set off a firestorm Thursday with vulgar remarks in a New Yorker magazine interview, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was quick to try to put out the blaze. Sanders told reporters outside the White House on Thursday that she hoped Scaramucci could

Trump’s White House invite to Duterte sets off firestorm

The White House is facing fresh criticism following an invitation President Trump extended over the weekend to controversial Philippine leader Rodrigo Duterte, who has been accused of numerous human rights violations in his southeast Asian country. Not only were U.S. lawmakers left scratching their heads at the Duterte invite, but The New York Times reported

Trump has only one fifth the people in personnel that Bill Clinton had

John Fund, President Trump says he wants to “drain the swamp.” His strategist Stephen Bannon calls for “deconstructing the administrative state.” They face fierce opposition. But their biggest obstacle may end up being of their own making. There are nearly 2,000 political vacancies within the Trump administration, most of which did not require Senate confirmation,

Wall Street Journal’s Globalist Siren Song to Trump: Abandon Bannon and We’ll Love You

Rebecca Mansour, Breitbart For about the thousandth—or is it the millionth?—time, the editorial page of the Wall Street Journal has attacked Donald Trump. But this time there’s a twist. The Journal’s latest hit-piece targets Trump’s top advisers, Stephen K. Bannon and Stephen Miller, both champions of the populist nationalist policies that propelled Trump to victory.

Keep giving the fakers hell, Donald: Frauds’ outrage more bogus news

Howie Carr, Keep blasting the fake news media, Mr. President! It’s great stuff. We love it. There’s nothing wrong with calling out these lying alt-left frauds. On the question of calling out one’s enemies, Harry S. Truman once summed it up well. “I never did give them hell,” he said. “I just told the truth

An Echo Of Trump In The Last Of The Whigs

Jeff Jacoby, History doesn’t repeat itself. But it has an unnerving tendency to rhyme. Consider, on this first Presidents’ Day under Donald Trump, another New Yorker who occupied the highest office in the land. When Millard Fillmore became the nation’s 13th president upon the death of Zachary Taylor in 1850, he immediately plunged the White

Five proposals to get the Trump train back on track

Liz Peek, Donald Trump’s presidency is only one month old, but already the buzzards are circling. The president cheered supporters by assailing his critics at yesterday’s press conference, but there is little doubt that the Trump White House is struggling to keep its momentum. The drama over Michael Flynn’s departure and the defeat of Labor

The Deep State Bumps Off General Flynn. Who’s the Next Target?

Virgil, I. The Main Stream Media’s Victory Lap  The Deep State has done its dirty work, getting rid of Michael Flynn, the now-former national security adviser to President Trump.  And so the MSM, having taken direction—even dictation—from the Deep State, is moving in for the kill.  The ultimate target, of course, is Trump himself.   The

Steve Bannon: ‘I Could Care Less’ About Repairing Relationship with ‘Opposition Party’ Media

Breitbart News, White House chief strategist Steve Bannon said he “could care less” about repairing a relationship with the mainstream media, which he continues to characterize as the Trump administration’s “opposition party.” CNN’s Dylan Byers reports: At the Trump White House, hostility toward the media is the agenda. Trump and many of his top officials believe reporters