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The Circus Just Arrived — at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Bernard Goldberg, I’m starting to think the real reason the Barnum & Bailey circus is going out of business has nothing to do with the elephants. Rather, I think, it has to do with the stiff competition it’s been getting from the Trump White House.        The three-ring circus that’s been coming out

The Left Won’t Stop Threatening Violence Against Trump

Ben Shapiro, We’re barely a week and a half into President Trump’s administration, and the left is in sheer panic mode. We’ve seen headlines blaring that Trump instituted a Muslim ban (he didn’t). We’ve seen speculation that the Trump White House’s failure to clearly inform the Department of Homeland Security how to implement his immigration

Four ways Trump can go on offense with his Supreme Court pick

Bill Whalen, I’m neither a foreign policy nor national security wonk, so I’ll leave it to others to weigh the geopolitical merits of President Trump’s immigration executive order. But having dabbled in the black art of political message-crafting, what seems apparent is a line uttered by Strother Martin’s character in “Cool Hand Luke”: “What we

Priebus Clarifies Green Card Holder Status Under Executive Order

Cortney O’Brien, President Trump’s executive order on immigration has been received with outcry and confusion. The protests began in airports and have made their way to the White House. Opponents charge that the order, which bans refugees from seven nations in the Middle East and Africa, is a “Muslim ban.” Mayors and governors insist they were not

Media, late-night pile on Conway as ‘attention-hungry’ #LiberalMedia

Cody Derespina, Saturday was a day for women. Just not a woman named Kellyanne Conway. While many media outlets cast the Women’s March on Washington in a positive light – it was described as “inspiring” by Marie Claire, The Huffington Post and others – they were unsparing toward Trump’s new White House counselor.  “Saturday Night

Biden: Democrats Should Give Whoever Trump Nominates For SCOTUS A Vote

Matt Vespa,  Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer vowed to fight any Supreme Court nominee President-elect Trump selects who isn’t mainstream. In other words, if they’re not liberal, prepare for battle. As Democrats rally around this position, which I’m sure made their progressive base happy, outgoing Vice President Joe Biden told PBS’ Judy Woodruff last week that

Repeal and Replace

Rich Galen, There is an oft-quoted proverb that may go back to the early Chinese: “Be careful what you wish for, lest it come true” or some close variant. In out discussion today, it relates to the Republicans’ wish that the Affordable Care Act – Obamacare – be repealed. For thousands of former Democratic office